Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Palliative & Supportive Care Vol 7 No 1 2009

pp. 1-2
Is House, M.D., always right?.
Wein, S.
pp. 3-6
A call for simple and rational palliative medicine psychotropic prescribing guidelines: Response to Barnhorst et al. (Palliative & Supportive Care, Volume 6, Number 1, 2008).
Irwin, S.
pp. 7-12
The lived experience of parenting a child with a life-limiting condition: A focus on the mental health realm.
Rodriguez, A.; King, N.
pp. 13-26
Adolescents' experiences of a parent's serious illness and death.
Dehlin, L.; Martensson, L.
pp. 27-36
Place of death of adolescents and young adults with cancer: First study in a French population.
Montel, S.; Laurence, V.; Copel, L.; Pacquement, H.; Flahault, C.
pp. 37-48
Can short hospice enrollment be long enough? Comparing the perspectives of hospice professionals and family caregivers.
Waldrop, D.P.; Rinfrette, E.S.
pp. 49-56
Recruitment and retention of palliative cancer patients and their partners participating in a longitudinal evaluation of a psychosocial retreat program.
Garland, S.N.; Carlson, L.E.; Marr, H.; Simpson, S.
pp. 57-64
Implementation of computerized technology in a palliative care unit.
Andre, B.; Ringdal, G.I.; Loge, J.H.; Rannestad, T.; Kaasa, S.
pp. 65-74
The patient lived experience for surgical treatment of colorectal liver metastases: A phenomenological study.
McCahill, L.; Hamel-Bissell, B.P.
pp. 75-86
The project ENABLE II randomized controlled trial to improve palliative care for rural patients with advanced cancer: Baseline findings, methodological challenges, and solutions.
Bakitas, M.; Lyons, K.D.; Hegel, M.T.; Balan, S.; Barnett, K.N.; Brokaw, F.C et al
pp. 87-96
Individual brief art therapy can be helpful for women with breast cancer: A randomized controlled clinical study.
Thyme, K.E.; Sundin, E.C.; Wiberg, B.; Oster, I.; Astrom, S.; Lindh, J.
pp. 97-108
The spiritual meaning of pre-loss music therapy to bereaved caregivers of advanced cancer patients.
Magill, L.
pp. 109-120
Morbidity, mortality, and parental grief: A review of the literature on the relationship between the death of a child and the subsequent health of parents.
Hendrickson, K.
pp. 121-131
Personal reflections on love, death and suffering: My narrative of the final days of my husband's life.
Sjolander, C.T.

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