Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Intl Journal of Palliative Nursing Vol 15 No 3 2009

p. 107
Out of pocket.
Black, P.
pp. 108-109
Can the palliative care services of today keep up and match the expectations of the `baby boomer' generation?.
Becker, R.
pp. 110-119
Effecting positive change with bereaved service users in a hospice setting.
Agnew, A.; Duffy, J.
pp. 120-127
A neurological care pathway for meeting the palliative care needs of people with life-limiting neurological conditions.
Brown, J.B.; Sutton, L.
pp. 128-133
The prebereavement psychological needs of AIDS-affected adolescents in Uganda.
Withell, B.
pp. 134-141
Providing comfort to patients in their palliative care trajectory: experiences of female nurses working in an acute setting.
Roche-Fahy, V.; Dowling, M.
pp. 142-147
Paediatric antiretroviral therapy outcomes under HIV hospice care in South Africa.
Harding, R.; Brits, H.; Penfold, S.

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