Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Palliative medicine Vol 23 No 2 2009

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pp. 104-111
Symptom management for the adult patient dying with advanced chronic kidney disease: A review of the literature and development of evidence-based guidelines by a United Kingdom Expert Consensus Group.
Douglas, C.; Murtagh, F.E.M.; Chambers, E.J.; Howse, M.; Ellershaw, J.
p. 112
Original Articles.
pp. 112-120
Symptom burden and quality of life in end-stage renal disease: a study of 179 patients on dialysis and palliative care.
Yong, D.S.P.; Kwok, A.O.L.; Wong, D.M.L.; Suen, M.H.P.; Chen, W.T.; Tse, D.M.W.
pp. 121-126
Palliative stage Parkinson's disease: patient and family experiences of health-care services.
Giles, S.; Miyasaki, J.
pp. 127-132
Professionals delivering palliative care to people with COPD: qualitative study.
Spence, A.; Masson, F.; Waldron, M.; Kernohan, W.G.; McLaughlin, D.; Watson, B.et al
pp. 133-141
Patients' constructions of disability in metastatic spinal cord compression.
Eva, G.; Paley, J.; Miller, M.; Wee, B.
pp. 142-150
Family and friends provide most social support for the bereaved.
Benkel, I.; Wijk, H.; Molander, U.
pp. 151-158
Family meetings in palliative care: are they effective?.
Hudson, P.; Thomas, T.; Quinn, K.; Aranda, S.
pp. 159-165
A profile of the belief system and attitudes to end-of-life decisions of senior clinicians working in a National Health Service Hospital in the United Kingdom.
Pugh, E.J.; Song, R.; Whittaker, V.; Blenkinsopp, J.
pp. 166-171
The existential impact of starting corticosteroid treatment as symptom control in advanced metastatic cancer.
Lundstrom, S.; Furst, C.J.; Friedrichsen, M.; Strang, P.
pp. 172-179
Fatigue dimensions in patients with advanced cancer in relation to time of survival and quality of life.
Hagelin, C.L.; Wengstrom, Y.; Ahsberg, E.; Furst, C.J.
pp. 180-181
The cochrane pain, palliative and supportive care group: an update.
Wiffen, P.J.; Eccleston, C.
pp. 182-182
What keeps a palliative medicine physician so busy with patients? Time expenditure in palliative care.
Spoon, A.S.; Centeno, C.; Rodriguez, J.; Ros, W.

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