Friday, 3 July 2009

Palliative Medicine Vol 23 No 4 2009

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pp. 283-294
Key stakeholders' experiences and views of the NHS End of Life Care Programme: findings from a national evaluation.
Kennedy, S.; Seymour, J.; Almack, K.; Cox, K.
pp. 295-308
Classification of pain in cancer patients - a systematic literature review.
Knudsen, A.K.; Aass, N.; Fainsinger, R.; Caraceni, A. et al
pp. 309-316
Does palliative home oxygen improve dyspnoea? A consecutive cohort study.
Currow, D.C.; Agar, M.; Smith, J.; Abernethy, A.P.
pp. 317-324
Ratings of symptoms and comfort in dementia patients at the end of life: comparison of nurses and families.
van der Steen, J.T.; Gijsberts, M.J.; Knol, D.L.; Deliens, L.; Muller, M.T.
pp. 325-331
Modafinil for the treatment of fatigue in lung cancer: a pilot study.
Spathis, A.; Dhillan, R.; Booden, D.; Forbes, K.; Vrotsou, K.; Fife, K.
pp. 332-338
Advance care planning in care homes for older people: an English perspective.
Froggatt, K.; Vaughan, S.; Bernard, C.; Wild, D.
pp. 339-344
Supporting lay carers in end of life care: current gaps and future priorities.
Grande, G.; Stajduhar, K.; Aoun, S.; Toye, C. et al
pp. 345-353
Information disclosure to terminally ill patients and their relatives: self-reported practice of Belgian clinical specialists and general practitioners.
Michiels, E.; Deschepper, R.; Bilsen, J.; Mortier, F.; Deliens, L.
pp. 354-359
Illness awareness in terminal cancer patients: an Italian study.
Corli, O.; Apolone, G.; Pizzuto, M.; Cesaris, L.; Cozzolino, A.; Orsi, L.; Enterri, L.
pp. 360-368
Improved competence after a palliative care course for internal medicine residents.
Mulder, S.F.; Bleijenberg, G.; Verhagen, S.C.
pp. 369-373
Treatment of palliative care emergencies by prehospital emergency physicians in Germany: an interview based investigation.
Wiese, C.H.R.; Bartels, U.E.; Ruppert, D. et al
pp. 374-375
A UK hospice's position on assisted dying.
Stephenson, J.B.G.
p. 377
Colin Murray Parkes: Love and Loss: The Roots of Grief and its Complications.
Brennan, J.
p. 378
Jenny Buckley: Palliative care: An Integrated Approach.
Campion-Smith, C.
pp. 378-378
James Beattie & Sarah Goodlin: Supportive Care in Heart Failure.
Stark-Toller, C.

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Palliative care for older people - Exploring the views of doctors and nurses from different fields in Germany
Torben Brueckner, Martin Schumacher, Nils Schneider
BMC Palliative Care 2009, 8:7 (23 June 2009)
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Dying, death and bereavement: a qualitative study of the views of carers of people with heart failure in the UK.
Neil Small, Sarah Barnes, Merryn Gott, Sheila Payne, Chris Parker, David Seamark, Salah Gariballa
BMC Palliative Care 2009, 8:6 (16 June 2009)
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