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Palliative Medicine Vol 23 No 7 2009

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pp. 577-580
Palliative sedation: welcome guidance on a controversial issue.
Hauser, K.; Walsh, D.
pp. 581-593
European Association for Palliative Care (EAPC) recommended framework for the use of sedation in palliative care.
Cherny, N.I.; Radbruch, L.; The Board of the European Association for Palliative Care
pp. 594-600
What do patients with brain metastases from non-small cell lung cancer want from their treatment?.
Dorman, S.; Hayes, J.; Pease, N.
pp. 601-607
Improving training in spiritual care: a qualitative study exploring patient perceptions of professional educational requirements.
Yardley, S.J.; Walshe, C.E.; Parr, A.
pp. 608-615
Physician factors associated with outpatient palliative care referral.
Ahluwalia, S.C.; Fried, T.R.

International Journal of Palliative Nursing Vol 15 No 10 2009

p. 471
Editorial: Listening to that still small voice.
Larkin, P.
pp. 472-473
How notorious do dying prisoners need to be to receive high quality end-of-life care?.
Turner, M.; Barbarachild, Z.; Kidd, H.; Payne, S.
pp. 474-480
Understanding lymphoedema in advanced disease in a palliative care setting.
Todd, M.
pp. 481-487
Implementation and evaluation of a palliative care resource scheme within a district general hospital.
Rees, Y.; Jones, S.; Parry, M.
pp. 488-498
Flemish palliative care nurses' attitudes toward euthanasia: a quantitative study.
Gielen, J.; van den Branden, S.; van Iersel, T.; Broeckaert, B.
pp. 499-509
Learning from each other: cross-cultural insights on palliative care in Indian and Australian regions.
McGrath, P.; Holewa, H.; Koilparampil, T.; Koshy, C.; George, S.
pp. 510-514
Using play therapy in paediatric palliative care: listening to the story and caring for the body.
van Breemen, C.

International Journal of Palliative Nursing Vol 15 No 9 2009

p. 419
Education in the spotlight.
Becker, B.
pp. 420-421
The Liverpool Care Pathway.
Chapman, S.; Aldridge, H.
pp. 422-431
A description and comparison of palliative care services in the United Kingdom and Czech Republic.
Svecova, K.
pp. 432-439
Paediatric nurses' knowledge of palliative care in Florida: A quantitative study.
Knapp, C.A.; Madden, V.; Wang, H.; Kassing, K.; Curtis, C.; Sloyer, P.; Shenkman, E.A.
pp. 440-445
A multicultural perspective on conducting palliative care research in an Indian population in Australia.
Shanmugasundaram, S.; O Connor, M.; Sellick, K.
pp. 446-455
An analysis of the palliative care education needs of RGNs and HCAs in nursing homes in Ireland.
McDonnell, M.M.; McGuigan, E.; McElhinney, J.; McTeggart, M.; McClure, D.
pp. 456-462
The human face behind an ethical dilemma: Reflecting on attempted suicide and outcomes of a case study.
Sneesby, L.

The New England Journal of Medicine Oct 15 2009

Dialysis in Frail Elders -- A Role for Palliative Care [editorial]
R.M. Arnold and M.L. Zeidel

Monday, 9 November 2009

BMJ 22 Sep 2009

Consultation opens on guidance for prosecuting in cases of assisted dying
Clare Dyer
BMJ 2009;339 b3909

Doctors’ view of care pathway for dying patients clashes with audit findings
Zosia Kmietowicz
BMJ 2009;339 b3799

Palliative Medicine Vol 23 No 6 2009

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pp. 482-490
Methodological review: measured and reported congruence between preferred and actual place of death.
Bell, C.L.; Somogyi-Zalud, E.; Masaki, K.H.
pp. 491-501
Symptoms and problems in a nationally representative sample of advanced cancer patients.
Johnsen, A.T.; Petersen, M.A.; Pedersen, L.; Groenvold, M.
pp. 502-511
An evaluation of the implementation of a programme to improve end-of-life care in nursing homes.
Badger, F.; Clifford, C.; Hewison, A.; Thomas, K.
pp. 512-517
An integrated model of provision of palliative care to patients with cystic fibrosis.
Bourke, S.J.; Doe, S.J.; Gascoigne, A.D.; Heslop, K.; Fields, M.; Reynolds, D.; Mannix, K.
pp. 518-525
An evaluation of two decision-making scales for children with life-limiting illnesses.
Knapp, C.; Huang, I.C.; Madden, V.; Vadaparampil, S.; Quinn, G.; Shenkman, E.
pp. 526-536
The supportive and palliative care needs of Australian families of children who die from cancer.
Monterosso, L.; Kristjanson, L.J.; Phillips, M.B.
pp. 537-544
"We will remember them'': a mixed-method study to explore which post-funeral remembrance activities are most significant and important to bereaved people living with loss, and why those particular activities are chosen.
Vale-Taylor, P.
pp. 545-548
Are end-of-life patient education materials readable?
Ache, K.A.; Wallace, L.S.
pp. 549-555
'They're part of the team': participant evaluation of the ACTIVE intervention.
Oliver, D.P.; Washington, K.T.; Wittenberg-Lyles, E.; Demiris, G.; Porock, D.
pp. 556-564
The use of artificial nutrition among cancer patients enrolled in palliative home care services.
Orrevall, Y.; Tishelman, C.; Permert, J.; Cederholm, T.
pp. 565-566
End-of-life decisions in the United Kingdom.
van der Heide, A.; Onwuteaka-Philipsen, B.; Deliens, L. et al
pp. 567-568
End-of-life decisions in the UK: a response to van der Heide and colleagues.
Seale, C.
p. 569
End-of-life decisions in the United Kingdom involving medical practitioners and legalisation of euthanasia or physician-assisted suicide: survey of doctors' attitudes.
Grogan, E.; Beattie, R.; Campbell, C.; George, R.; Harlow, T.; MacGregor, B. et al
p. 570
UK doctors' attitudes to the legalisation of assisted suicide.
Lee, W.; Price, A.; Rayner, L.; Hotopf, M.
pp. 571-572
Liverpool care pathway carers survey.
Mullick, A.; Beynon, T.; Colvin, M.; Morris, M.; Shepherd, L.; Cave, L.; Lowell, J.; Asmall, N.; Carey, I.

BMC Palliative Care

Balloon kyphoplasty in malignant spinal fractures: a systematic review and meta-analysis.
Carmen Bouza, Teresa Lopez-Cuadrado, Patricia Cediel, Zuleika Saz-Parkinson, Jose Maria Amate
BMC Palliative Care 2009, 8:12 (9 September 2009)
Abstract http://www.biomedcentral.com/1472-684X/8/12/abstract
Provisional PDF http://www.biomedcentral.com/content/pdf/1472-684X-8-12.pdf

Palliative care for HIV in the era of antiretroviral therapy availability: perspectives of nurses in Lesotho
Megan E Kell, John D Walley
BMC Palliative Care 2009, 8:11 (15 August 2009)
Abstract http://www.biomedcentral.com/1472-684X/8/11/abstract
PDF http://www.biomedcentral.com/content/pdf/1472-684X-8-11.pdf

Visioning for secondary palliative care service hubs in rural communities: a qualitative case study from British Columbia's interior
Valorie A Crooks, Heather Castleden, Nadine Schuurman, Neil Hanlon
BMC Palliative Care 2009, 8:15 (9 October 2009)
Abstract http://www.biomedcentral.com/1472-684X/8/15/abstract
Provisional PDF http://www.biomedcentral.com/content/pdf/1472-684X-8-15.pdf

An open-label, 1-year extension study of the long-term safety and efficacy of once-daily OROS« hydromorphone in patients with chronic cancer pain
Magdi Hanna, Alberto Tuca, John Thipphawong
BMC Palliative Care 2009, 8:14 (15 September 2009)
Abstract http://www.biomedcentral.com/1472-684X/8/14/abstract
PDF http://www.biomedcentral.com/content/pdf/1472-684X-8-14.pdf

GP and nurses' perceptions of how after hours care for people receiving palliative care at home could be improved: a mixed methods study
Heather M Tan, Margaret M O'Connor, Gail Miles, Britt Klein, Peter Schattner
BMC Palliative Care 2009, 8:13 (14 September 2009)
Abstract http://www.biomedcentral.com/1472-684X/8/13/abstract
PDF http://www.biomedcentral.com/content/pdf/1472-684X-8-13.pdf

International Journal of Palliative Nursing Vol 15 No 8 2009

p. 367
Advocating palliative nursing.
Downing, J.
pp. 368-371
Extending knowledge of terror management theory to improve palliative nursing practice.
Stevens, E.
pp. 372-376
Evaluating the use of the Cleo 90 infusion set for patients on a palliative care unit.
Schneider, M.; Hoffmann, M.; Lorenzl, S.
pp. 377-383
A review of paediatric palliative care in nursing education in Latin America.
Bishop, K.; Mele, N.; Koppmann, M.J.E.; Day, S.
pp. 384-388
The implementation of an end-of-life integrated care pathway in a Chinese population.
Lo, S.-H.; Chan, C.-Y.; Chan, C.-H.; Sze, W.-k. et al
pp. 389-395
Palliative respite services using nursing staff reduces hospitalization of patients and improves acceptance among carers.
Barrett, M.; Wheatland, B.; Haselby, P.; Larson, A.; Kristjanson, L.; Whyatt, D.
pp. 396-404
Enteral tube feeding in older people with advanced dementia: Findings from a Cochrane systematic review.
Candy, B.; Sampson, E.L.; Jones, L.
pp. 405-411
Core attitudes of professionals in palliative care: A qualitative study.
Simon, S.T.; Ramsenthaler, C.; Bausewein, C.; Krischke, N.; Geiss, G.