Monday, 15 February 2010

Palliative Medicine Vol 23 No 8 2009

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pp. 680-690
Quantifying the impact of standardized assessment and symptom management tools on symptoms associated with cancer-induced anorexia cachexia syndrome.
Andrew, I.M.; Waterfield, K.; Hildreth, A.J.; Kirkpatrick, G.; Hawkins, C.

pp. 691-697
Living with advanced chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: patients concerns regarding death and dying.
Gardiner, C.; Gott, M.; Small, N.; Payne, S.; Seamark, D.; Barnes, S.; Halpin, D.; Ruse, C.

pp. 698-707
Collaborating or co-existing: a survey of attitudes of medical oncologists toward specialist palliative care.
Ward, A.M.; Agar, M.; Koczwara, B.

pp. 708-717
Costs associated with resource utilization during the palliative phase of care: a Canadian perspective.
Dumont, S.; Jacobs, P.; Fassbender, K.; Anderson, D.; Turcotte, V.; Harel, F.

pp. 718-722
Governance in changing times: the experiences of hospice trustees in the United Kingdom.
Turner, M.; Payne, S.

pp. 723-730
Barriers to achieving care at home at the end of life: transferring patients between care settings using patient transport services.
Ingleton, C.; Payne, S.; Sargeant, A.; Seymour, J.

pp. 731-738
Modafinil for attentional and psychomotor dysfunction in advanced cancer: a double-blind, randomised, cross-over trial.
Lundorff, L.E.; Jonsson, B.H.; Sjogren, P.

pp. 739-753
Depression assessment and classification in palliative cancer patients: a systematic literature review.
Wasteson, E.; Brenne, E.; Higginson, I.J.; Hotopf, M. et alEuropean Palliative Care Research Collaborative (EPCRC)

pp. 754-766
The palliative care knowledge test: reliability and validity of an instrument to measure palliative care knowledge among health professionals.
Nakazawa, Y.; Miyashita, M.; Morita, T.; Umeda, M.; Oyagi, Y.; Ogasawara, T.

pp. 767-776
Making sure services deliver for people with advanced heart failure: a longitudinal qualitative study of patients, family carers, and health professionals. Boyd, K.J.; Worth, A.; Kendall, M.; Pratt, R. et al

pp. 777-779
The pragmatic use of apomorphine at the end of life.
Dewhurst, F.; Lee, M.; Wood, B.