Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Palliative & Supportive Care Vol 7 No 2 2009

pp. 139-142
The spiritual domain of palliative care: Who should be ``spiritual care professionals''?.
Breitbart, W.
pp. 143-152
Challenges of illness in metastatic breast cancer: A low-income African American perspective.
Rosenzweig, M.Q.; Wiehagen, T.; Brufsky, A.; Arnold, R.
pp. 153-162
Caring for a person in advanced illness and suffering from breathlessness at home: Threats and resources.
Gysels, M.H.; Higginson, I.J.
pp. 163-170
Techniques for framing questions in conducting family meetings in palliative care.
Dumont, I.; Kissane, D.
pp. 171-180
Conducting family meetings in palliative care: Themes, techniques, and preliminary evaluation of a communication skills module.
Gueguen, J.A.; Bylund, C.L.; Brown, R.F.; Levin, T.T.; Kissane, D.W.
pp. 181-186
Patients' views on decision making in advanced cancer.
Philip, J.; Gold, M.; Schwarz, M.; Komesaroff, P.
pp. 187-196
Strength through adversity: Bereaved cancer carers' accounts of rewards and personal growth from caring.
Wong, W.K.T.; Ussher, J.
pp. 197-206
A feasibility study of a two-session home-based cognitive behavioral therapy-insomnia intervention for bereaved family caregivers.
Carter, P.A.; Mikan, S.Q.; Simpson, C.
pp. 207-212
Fatigue in relatives of palliative patients.
Carlsson, M.E.
pp. 213-217
Using the differential from complete blood counts as a biomarker of fatigue in advanced non-small-cell lung cancer: An exploratory analysis.
Paddison, J.S.; Temel, J.S.; Fricchione, G.L.; Pirl, W.F.
pp. 218-228
Effect of music therapy on oncologic staff bystanders: A substantive grounded theory.
O callaghan, C.; Magill, L.
pp. 229-234
Cancer patients' reluctance to discuss psychological distress with their physicians was not associated with underrecognition of depression by physicians: A preliminary study.
Okuyama, T.; Endo, C.; Seto, T.; Kato, M.; Seki, N. et al
pp. 235-244
Palliative care: A need for a family systems approach.
Mehta, A.; Cohen, S.R.; Chan, L.S.
pp. 245-252
Staff grief and support systems for Japanese health care professionals working in palliative care.
Shimoinaba, K.; O connor, M.; Lee, S.; Greaves, J.
pp. 253-256
When cancerophobia and denial lead to death.
Reich, M.; Gaudron, C.; Penel, N.

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