Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Palliative Medicine Vol 23 No 5 2009

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pp. 385-387
Suffering and healing - our core business.
George, R.
pp. 388-397
On dying and human suffering.
Kellehear, A.
pp. 398-405
Prioritisation of future research topics for children's hospice care by its key stakeholders: a Delphi study.
Malcolm, C.; Knighting, K.; Forbat, L.; Kearney, N.
pp. 406-409
Assessment of iron status and the role for iron-replacement therapy in anaemic cancer patients under the care of a specialist palliative care unit.
Robertson, K.A.; Hutchison, S.M.W.
pp. 410-417
Deciding about continuous deep sedation: physicians' perspectives. A focus group study.
Rietjens, J.A.C.; Buiting, H.M.; Pasman, H.R.W. et al
pp. 418-424
Paediatricians' perceptions on referrals to paediatric palliative care.
Knapp, C.; Thompson, L.; Madden, V.; Shenkman, E.
pp. 425-431
Multiple sources: mapping the literature of palliative care.
Tieman, J.J.; Sladek, R.M.; Currow, D.C.
pp. 432-440
Characteristics and implications of attrition in health-related quality of life studies in palliative care.
Ahlner-Elmqvist, M.; Bjordal, K.; Jordhoy, M.S.; Kaasa, S.; Jannert, M.
pp. 441-447
Palliative day care - a study of well-being and health-related quality of life.
Sviden, G.A.; Furst, C.J.; von Koch, L.; Borell, L.
pp. 448-459
Resource utilisation and costs of palliative cancer care in an interdisciplinary health care model.
Johnson, A.P.; Abernathy, T.; Howell, D.; Brazil, K.; Scott, S.
pp. 460-470
Hospital staff attributions of the causes of physician variation in end-of-life treatment intensity.
Larochelle, M.R.; Rodriguez, K.L.; Arnold, R.M.; Barnato, A.E.
pp. 471-472
An unusual cause of insomnia.
Dando, N.; England, S.; Ford-Dunn, S.
pp. 473-475
The use of thalidomide in the management of bleeding from a gastric cancer.
Lambert, K.; Ward, J.

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