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Palliative Medicine Vol.23 No.3 2009

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pp. 187-189
Palliative care in hospice and hospital: time to put the spotlight on neglected areas of research.
Grande, G.
pp. 190-197
A comparison of the quality of care provided to cancer patients in the UK in the last three months of life in in-patient hospices compared with hospitals, from the perspective of bereaved relatives: results from a survey using the VOICES questionnaire.
Addington-Hall, J.M.; O Callaghan, A.C.
pp. 198-204
End-of-life decisions in the UK involving medical practitioners.
Seale, C.
pp. 205-212
Legalisation of euthanasia or physician-assisted suicide: survey of doctors' attitudes.
Seale, C.
pp. 213-227
Researching breathlessness in palliative care: consensus statement of the National Cancer Research Institute Palliative Care Breathlessness Subgroup.
Dorman, S.; Jolley, C.; Abernethy, A.; Currow, D.; Johnson, al
pp. 228-237
Using videotelephony to support paediatric oncology-related palliative care in the home: from abandoned RCT to acceptability study.
Bensink, M.E.; Armfield, N.R.; Pinkerton, R.; Irving, H.; Hallahan, A.R. et al
pp. 238-247
Clinical dilemmas in children with life-limiting illnesses: decision making and the law.
Wright, B.; Aldridge, J.; Wurr, K.; Sloper, T.; Tomlinson, H.; Miller, M.
pp. 248-256
Informal carer bereavement outcome: relation to quality of end of life support and achievement of preferred place of death.
Grande, G.E.; Ewing, G.; National Forum for Hospice at Home
pp. 257-265
Changes in anticholinergic load from regular prescribed medications in palliative care as death approaches.
Agar, M.; Currow, D.; Plummer, J.; Seidel, R.; Carnahan, R.; Abernethy, A.P.
pp. 266-273
The malignant wound assessment tool: a validation study using a Delphi approach.
Schulz, V.; Kozell, K.; Biondo, P.D.; Stiles, C.; Tonkin, K.; Hagen, N.A.
pp. 274-275
Considerations for ethics in multisite research in paediatric palliative care.
Cadell, S.; Ho, G.; Jacques, L.; Wilson, K.; Davies, B.; Steele, R.
pp. 276-277
Out-of-hours need for specialist palliative care face-to-face assessments.
Sheils, R.; Ankrett, H.; Edwards, A.; Hicks, F. et al

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