Wednesday, 10 June 2009

International Journal of Palliative Nursing Vol 15 No 5 2009

p. 211
Harnessing nurses' passion.
Howell, D.
pp. 212-213
Understanding advance decisions, mental capacity and proxy decision-making in medical treatment.
Dimond, B.
pp. 214-221
Setting up a support group for children and their well carers who have a significant adult with a life-threatening illness.
Popplestone-Helm, S.V.; Helm, D.P.
pp. 222-225
Metastatic breast cancer recurrence: A literature review of themes and issues arising from diagnosis.
Warren, M.
pp. 226-232
Palliative care nursing in relation to people with intellectual disabilities.
Read, S.; Thompson-Hill, J.
pp. 233-241
Survey of educators' end-of-life care learning needs in a Canadian baccalaureate nursing programme.
Brajtman, S.; Fothergill-Bourbonnais, F.; Fiset, V.; Alain, D.
pp. 242-249
Euthanasia in Greece: Greek nurses' involvement and beliefs.
Patelarou, E.; Vardavas, C.I.; Fioraki, I.; Alegakis, T. et al
pp. 250-256
The Supportive Care Plan: a tool to improve communication in end-of-life care.
Thompson-Hill, J.; Hookey, C.; Salt, E.; O Neill, T.

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