Friday, 14 November 2008

Call for papers - paediatric care

Theme Issue on Palliative Care , Dying and Bereavement Call for papers
Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine
Page: 1098
Vol 162 ; Part 11 Date: 2008-November
The Archives will publish a "rolling theme issue" this year on palliative care, dying, and bereavement. We are interested in original articles, narrative and systematic reviews, and commentaries that will add to the scientific knowledge about these topics. Such articles might include observational longitudinal studies such as the effects of loss of a family member on children and adolescents; clinical trials examining specific interventions or evaluating different systems of delivering palliative, hospice, or bereavement care; and ethical analyses regarding how we decide on and enact the goals and limits of medical therapy.
Our intent is to bring these issues to the forefront of pediatrics and adolescent medicine, just as they are in the minds of those children and families who are confronted with such loss. We hope the attention of the Archives will advance science and provide help to the physicians dealing with these issues on behalf of their patients and families.
This call for papers will be an ongoing one, and we intend to publish articles on this topic throughout the year as the manuscripts are submitted and accepted. For specific guidelines on manuscript preparation and submission, please consult the author instructions on our Web site at Authors should indicate in their cover letter that the manuscript is to be considered for this theme.

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