Friday, 3 July 2009

Palliative Medicine Vol 23 No 4 2009

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pp. 283-294
Key stakeholders' experiences and views of the NHS End of Life Care Programme: findings from a national evaluation.
Kennedy, S.; Seymour, J.; Almack, K.; Cox, K.
pp. 295-308
Classification of pain in cancer patients - a systematic literature review.
Knudsen, A.K.; Aass, N.; Fainsinger, R.; Caraceni, A. et al
pp. 309-316
Does palliative home oxygen improve dyspnoea? A consecutive cohort study.
Currow, D.C.; Agar, M.; Smith, J.; Abernethy, A.P.
pp. 317-324
Ratings of symptoms and comfort in dementia patients at the end of life: comparison of nurses and families.
van der Steen, J.T.; Gijsberts, M.J.; Knol, D.L.; Deliens, L.; Muller, M.T.
pp. 325-331
Modafinil for the treatment of fatigue in lung cancer: a pilot study.
Spathis, A.; Dhillan, R.; Booden, D.; Forbes, K.; Vrotsou, K.; Fife, K.
pp. 332-338
Advance care planning in care homes for older people: an English perspective.
Froggatt, K.; Vaughan, S.; Bernard, C.; Wild, D.
pp. 339-344
Supporting lay carers in end of life care: current gaps and future priorities.
Grande, G.; Stajduhar, K.; Aoun, S.; Toye, C. et al
pp. 345-353
Information disclosure to terminally ill patients and their relatives: self-reported practice of Belgian clinical specialists and general practitioners.
Michiels, E.; Deschepper, R.; Bilsen, J.; Mortier, F.; Deliens, L.
pp. 354-359
Illness awareness in terminal cancer patients: an Italian study.
Corli, O.; Apolone, G.; Pizzuto, M.; Cesaris, L.; Cozzolino, A.; Orsi, L.; Enterri, L.
pp. 360-368
Improved competence after a palliative care course for internal medicine residents.
Mulder, S.F.; Bleijenberg, G.; Verhagen, S.C.
pp. 369-373
Treatment of palliative care emergencies by prehospital emergency physicians in Germany: an interview based investigation.
Wiese, C.H.R.; Bartels, U.E.; Ruppert, D. et al
pp. 374-375
A UK hospice's position on assisted dying.
Stephenson, J.B.G.
p. 377
Colin Murray Parkes: Love and Loss: The Roots of Grief and its Complications.
Brennan, J.
p. 378
Jenny Buckley: Palliative care: An Integrated Approach.
Campion-Smith, C.
pp. 378-378
James Beattie & Sarah Goodlin: Supportive Care in Heart Failure.
Stark-Toller, C.

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