Friday, 24 July 2009

International Journal of Palliative Nursing Vol 15 No 6 2009

p. 263
Spirituality: What do we mean?.
Costello, J.
pp. 264-265
Understanding the key areas of clinical decision making at the end of life.
Simon, A.
pp. 266-271
Experiences of 24-hour advice line services: A framework for good practice and meeting NICE guidelines.
Yardley, S.J.; Codling, J.; Roberts, D.; O Donnell, V.; Taylor, S.
pp. 272-275
Pre-morbid skin changes in patients with cancer: Using `Welam's sign' as a new prognostic marker?.
McKeown, A.; Davidson, J.; Adam, J.; Welsh, J.
pp. 276-281
Disclosing bad news to patients with life-threatening illness: Differences in attitude between physicians and nurses in Israel.
Natan, M.B.; Shahar, I.; Garfinkel, D.
pp. 282-289
Understanding the concept of a `good death' in Japan: Differences in the views of doctors, palliative and non-palliative ward nurses.
Murakawa, Y.; Nihei, Y.
pp. 290-299
Palliative care nurses' experiences of training in cognitive behaviour therapy and taking part in a randomized controlled trial.
Cort, E.; Moorey, S.; Hotopf, M.; Kapari, M.; Monroe, B.; Hansford, P.
pp. 300-304
Use of an adapted problem-based learning approach to aid the development of clinical audit skills in a palliative care setting.
Lawton, S.; Collie, J.; Bird, J.; Macfarlane, W.; Milne, C.; Paul, M.; Peace, S.

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