Friday, 6 March 2009


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pp. 5-7
Imagine: a creative challenge towards holism.
Groves, K.E.
pp. 8-16
Pain in patients living in Norwegian nursing homes.
Torvik, K.; Kaasa, S.; Kirkevold, O.; Rustoen, T.
pp. 17-22
A systematic review of specialised palliative care for terminal patients: which model is better?.
Garcia-Perez, L.; Linertova, R.; Martin-Olivera, R.; Serrano-Aguilar, P.; Benitez-Rosario, M.A.
pp. 23-28
Evaluation of hospital palliative care teams: strengths and weaknesses of the before-after study design and strategies to improve it.
Simon, S.; Higginson, I.J.
pp. 29-39
Advanced cancer patients' prognostic information preferences: a review.
Innes, S.; Payne, S.
pp. 40-45
Validation of the confusion assessment method in the palliative care setting.
Ryan, K.; Leonard, M.; Guerin, S.; Donnelly, S.; Conroy, M.; Meagher, D.
pp. 46-53
How is sleep quality affected by the psychological and symptom distress of advanced cancer patients?.
Mystakidou, K.; Parpa, E.; Tsilika, E.; Gennatas, C.; Galanos, A.; Vlahos, L.
pp. 54-58
Intranasal sufentanil for cancer-associated breakthrough pain.
Good, P.; Jackson, K.; Brumley, D.; Ashby, M.
pp. 59-65
Difficulties of residents in training in end-of-life care. A qualitative study.
Luthy, C.; Cedraschi, C.; Pautex, S.; Rentsch, D.; Piguet, V.; Allaz, A.F.
pp. 66-79
Defining distinct caregiver subpopulations by intensity of end-of-life care provided.
Abernethy, A.; Burns, C.; Wheeler, J.; Currow, D.
pp. 80-86
Reflecting the scope and work of palliative care teams today: an action research project to modernise a national minimum data set.
Jack, B.A.; Littlewood, C.; Eve, A.; Murphy, D.; Khatri, A.; Ellershaw, J.E.
pp. 87-94
Impact of perception of socioeconomic burden on advocacy for patient autonomy in end-of-life decision making: a study of societal attitudes.
Kwon, Y.C.; Shin, D.W.; Lee, J.H.; Heo, D.S.; Hong, Y.S.; Kim, S.-Y.; Yun, H.Y.

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