Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Ultrasonography ... for Ganglion Impar Neurolysis in Perianal Cancer Pain

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Gupta, Deepak; Jain, Roopesh; Mishra, Seema; Kumar, Santosh et al
Ultrasonography Reinvents the Originally Described Technique for Ganglion Impar Neurolysis in Perianal Cancer Pain
Anesthesia & Analgesia. 107(4):1390-1392, October 2008.
Visceral pain in the perineal area associated with malignancies may be effectively treated with neurolysis of the ganglion impar. Since the first description of the technique of accessing the ganglion impar through anococcygeal ligament, many techniques for ganglion impar block have been described. We present a patient diagnosed with carcinoma of the anal canal who was successfully given ultrasound-guided ganglion impar block using a Chiba needle inserted through the anococcygeal ligament. In summary, ultrasound-guided ganglion impar neurolysis is a fast, safe, and cost-effective method, which can be used as a first-line pain relief intervention for good quality of life in patients with perianal cancers.

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