Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Influence of end-of-life education on attitudes of nursing students.

The influence of end-of-life education on attitudes of nursing students.

International journal of nursing education scholarship, 2008 (epub: 15 Mar 2008), vol. 5, p. Article11
Barrere-Cynthia-C, Durkin-Anne, LaCoursiere-Sheryl
Palliative care is an important aspect of nursing when comfort and quality of life are the patient goals. The End-of-Life Nursing Education Consortium (ELNEC) developed a comprehensive program of teaching care of the dying to nurses and nursing students. This pretest-posttest study evaluated the influence of the integration of the ELNEC curriculum into a baccalaureate nursing program on students' attitudes toward care of the dying. The Frommelt Attitudes toward Care of the Dying Scale for nurses (FATCOD) was administered to traditional and accelerated baccalaureate students before and after exposure to a nursing curriculum that integrated essential ELNEC elements. Multiple regression analyses indicated that no previous experience with death and an age of 18-22 accounted for the most variance in attitude change. The findings suggest that integrating the ELNEC curriculum throughout a baccalaureate program positively affects the attitudes of nursing students toward the care of patients who are dying.

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